#Teacher5adayBuddyBox is ending (well the match up part anyway)

After a bit of thinking I’ve decided to bring the scheme to an end. For those of you that are already buddied up, you can continue as you are. I will no longer be accepting new participants as of February 15th 2020.

For the most part, I’ve really enjoyed the process of matching people up and watching friendships flourish.

However, the number of new sign ups are dwindling and I struggle to find the time for new match ups these days.

I’ve made some fantastic friends from it as have many others and I will be forever grateful to those of you that have supported the scheme over the years. A big, humongous thank you to you!

Before it ends though I’d love to collate stories, thoughts, memories etc. from participants as something to look back on in the figure. Since it’s finishing on the 4th birthday of the scheme I thought creating a scrapbook of birthday cards would be fun way to bring it to a close.

If you would like to get involved and send a please do get in touch.

💙Best wishes and a huge thank you to all the supporters💙

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