Back to School Match Up

Hello to old and new participants.

Looking for something to improve your wellbeing, to create friendships and to support a good cause – teacher wellbeing – then you’ve come to the right place.

The teacher 5 a day wellbeing scheme will do just that!

The first match up of the new academic year will take place on Sunday 8th September.

If you’ve had a buddy that didn’t keep in touch or perhaps things have come to a natural end and you would like a new buddy, feel free to sign up again here https://teacher5adaybuddybox.com/sign-up-to-teacher5adaybuddybox/

If you’re new to the scheme, please read the FAQs here https://teacher5adaybuddybox.com/faq/ before signing up here https://teacher5adaybuddybox.com/sign-up-to-teacher5adaybuddybox/

Look forward to getting to know new participants.

If you need inspiration check out the many boxes already sent and recieved here https://teacher5adaybuddybox.com/sent-and-received/https://teacher5adaybuddybox.com/sent-and-received/

Best wishes,


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