My Wellbeing Hero by Karen DW

my wellbeing hero

Today’s post comes from the lovely @KDWScience of

Who is your wellbeing hero? 

I have chosen Crista Hazell blogger at


3 words to describe them.

Constant, caring, compassionate.

How have they helped to improve my wellbeing?

Crista always seems to have this sixth sense about when I need reminding to look after myself. She either calls, or texts, just at that moment when I’m on the brink. It’s almost like she is telepathically linked into to me. She reminds me to step back from situations that are all consuming. To put issues into perspective, to remove myself from the stress and focus on what I can change, limit, mend, correct.

She sends me beautiful buddy boxes full of wonderful flavoured teas, all caffeine free, she knows I don’t do caffeine. Often with lovely pens, pads, for my never ending lists, and always a yummy chocolate bar and some lovely smellies to treat myself.

Crista reminds me that work isn’t the be all and end all, that I’m not replaceable to the people who matter the most. Work will cope without me.

She has been steadfast during the most difficult year of my teaching career, never judging, only ever concerned for how I am looking after myself.  Always reminding me of the importance of my health and wellbeing over everything else, no matter what is happening in her world.

She is resolute in her commitment to wellbeing and I am honored and grateful to have her look out for and remind me that I need to take care of myself.

What makes them your wellbeing hero?

Crista is a wellbeing hero because it isn’t just what she has done for me, but what she has done for those who come in contact with her. I know that as a Head of Department she has a full on job. Yet she looks out for her team with the care of a mother hen. She had made wellbeing bags for the whole of her school, because she can and does care for all of them.

She focus on workload for her team, pinch points, to ensure that they have the tools to make life easier for them. Her support never waivers with regards to ensuring their wellbeing is taken care of, sometimes to her own detriment.

Her mantra of “unconditional positive regard” for her students goes above and beyond that of a regular classroom teacher.

Every year she provided reimg_01811vision bags full of wonderful goodies including socks, sweets, revision tools, for her year 11s.

They adore her, many of whom still keep in touch with her, through university and beyond. She believes in teaching the whole student, supporting not just their classroom needs, but their mental health and wellbeing needs. Often supplying them with much needed snacks from her magic drawer that I know she has, because we have compare notes on how we both have a supply of treats for those moments when both staff and students need that pick me up. It’s amazing what a cup of tea and a biscuit can do when the stress levels rise and Cristas’ door is always open to those who need it. Not just physically but virtually as well.

She is an inspiration to others her work with ITL where she speaks about looking to know the story of the child, the colleague, is so important, she can really look into you a person and know what they need. She has a kind soul, that hears what you say, she really listens to you and just knows what to say at that right moment.

In 20 words what would be your message to them.

Crista, you are appreciated for your friendship and reminding me to be compassionate to myself, and to look after my wellbeing.

Thank you is a simple word but not enough to convey my true feelings for my own Wellbeing Superhero!


Karen DW


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