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My Wellbeing Hero by Lorette Ashwell

my wellbeing hero

Who is your wellbeing hero? 
A lovely lady called Mrs Humanities
Give 3 words to describe them. 
She is, inspirational, genuine and selfless ( I have many more, but apparently I’m limited to 3 😊)
How have they helped to improve your wellbeing? 
It’s simple really: by being her. She sets such an amazing example of how to make sure that you look after yourself , both in the work place and physically, that you can’t not be inspired. Through sharing her own experiences and starting the amazing #teacher5adaybuddybox system she inspired  me to look after myself. Even more importantly, she enabled me, and so many others to do so.
What makes them your wellbeing hero? 
We initially “met” through Twitter, exchanged views on various things, both personal and academic, but it soon struck me that she was a very selfless person who cared about others and wanted to make the world a little bit better for teachers as she realised that there are a lot of people struggling due to work pressure.
Her website is a testament of her selfless work where she continuously tries to find ways to reduce workload for teachers and shares resources freely. Whilst her buddy box system is such a huge success and has created profound support for teachers. The impact of that alone makes her a hero, but she is my hero because through my own personal struggles with my health, she is always there for me.
Meeting her in person in 2016 was such a blessing and I just grew more in awe of how amazing she is. I’ve been through quite a bit with my health and she has been such an amazing support.  She always have this knack of knowing when I am not quite my best and as if by magic, an inspirational card arrives through the post, or a buddy box (and she is not my official buddy!!)
box 1image 3
In 20 words what would be your message to them. 
Dear Mrs H, I don’t know how to thank you for everything that you do for me and what you’ve taught me. Your picture should be next to the definitions of both awesome and selfless. You truly are the “llama’s pyjamas “.  Thank you for everything xx


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