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My Wellbeing Hero By Mrs Humanities

my wellbeing hero

There are some people you meet in the world that have a lasting effect on you; some positive, others well not quite so positive. To celebrate the amazing people out there helping us all to look after ourselves, I’m starting a short series of #MyWellbeingHero posts.

I thought I’d start with someone that has had profound an effect on me, I won’t say who they are as there are some personal details but they will know it is them.

Who is your wellbeing hero?

We will call her Ms A…. A for awesome.

Give 3 words to describe them.

Inspiring. Brave. Positive.

How have they helped to improve your wellbeing?

This person makes me think. They inspire me to look after my wellbeing and that of others. They’ve helped me to see the impact #Teacher5adayBuddyBox has had and makes the work involved totally worth every single minute of it.

What makes them your wellbeing hero?

This person I got to know as a result of #Teacher5adayBuddyBox. I’d sent her her buddy match, but our friendship started after she spotted a tweet back in April 2016 about a dress I’d been making and that she’d been looking at the same pattern for ages. We got chatting and she told me about her health situation that had changed her perspective on work and life. Hers had been somewhat more serious than my mental breakdown, but we could relate to one another over the importance of a work-life balance.

We’ve been talking ever since.

We hit it off straight away so it was then an absolute pleasure to have met her in person in September 2016. Ever since we have chatted regularly, met up and shared stories. Despite our slight difference in age, we’ve been through many similar experiences. For both of us it’s helped to talk to someone that’s been through it.

After my husband, she’s my biggest supporter. She sends me messages to make me smile. She wishes me luck at the start of term. She was ready to listen to the highs and lows of wedding planning. She’s been there when my moods have hit rock bottom and has helped to bring them up again. She’s sent me the most amazing #Teacher5adayBuddyBoxes and I’m not even her buddy. She’s shared her experiences with me. She’s been a real friend.

She has a truly beautiful mind and soul. This beautiful person has had to leave teaching early, a career she loves, and look after herself. And as I write this, I may have a tear or two as unfortunately she is seriously unwell and today informed me she has reached a point where there are no other treatments. Yet despite this she is still there for me. She’s still trying to keep me smiling and on the right path. She truly is inspirational.

And to finish, my message to my wellbeing hero….

Never before have I made a friend in someone that makes me feel quite as special and empowered as you do. You are a true inspiration, strong and incredibly brave. Thank you for EVERYTHING. x



3 thoughts on “My Wellbeing Hero By Mrs Humanities

  1. It is good to tell people how important their influence and actions have been to us. Often they don’t realise the hugely positive impact it has had. Your friend sounds to be an amazing person.

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