#Teacher5aday 2017 Reflection

Last year I pledged the following, but how well did I do at looking after me and my wellbeing?


Well first of all, I said ‘yes to the dress’ in February in the company of my Nanna which was a wonderful experience. That was followed by plenty of family time throughout the year and several mini-hen parties, one in Cardiff, one in Norwich and one in Brighton (which was planned last minute) to cater for my friends and family around the country. Loved planning a wedding with my other half, we had a great day but it really does go by so quickly.

This year I promised I would spend more time outside, take photos and print them and keep a record of positive moments. I can happily say I’ve achieved that. Spent much more time outside and I now have a wedding photo album coming together and have updated my Adventure scrapbook with photos from the #TeacheringontheEdge adventure this summer.

Learn a new skill – well I wouldn’t say that really happened unless you can call venue decoration a new skill. However I have kept learning as always – read numerous books, been to several conferences, presented at a number – always something to learn and take away.

Walk 300 miles before I’m 30, achieved. This summer I walked the entirety of Hadrian’s Wall from Walls End to Bowness-on-Solway – that was 87 miles alone. Then I’ve done plenty of walking the rest of the year and have exceeded the 300 miles mark. I’ve also taken up hula hooping which is rather enjoyable and apparently good for toning the stomach. I’m yet to see the results but it’s fun none-the-less.

Unfortunately I didn’t raise any money this year through the walking however did volunteer for several conferences where I shared strategies to reduce the workload from marking, was even a key note speaker for one of them. I do conferences voluntarily because I was to help others to reduce their workload whilst maintain maximum impact in the classroom, maybe one day I will get paid for it but for now I’m happy to help.
In addition #Teacher5adayBuddyBox has continued to grow with over 1300 volunteers participating; I recently wrote an article for TeachPrimary magazine which I think will be published in the New Year and set up a very successful Crowdfunder this summer in order to make and send out #SurpriseSeptember boxes.

In addition #Teacher5adayBuddyBox turned 1. For our first birthday a large number of volunteers helped me to put together a huge box of goodies for Martyn Reah, the initial promoter of #Teacher5aday. It went down a storm. I wonder what we will do for our 2nd birthday?
V x




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